Study of The Pedal Stroke Force Magnitude and Force Direction Changes due to PowerCranks Independent Cranks Use Over Traditional Connected Cranks

Sports and Exercise Engineering are funding a new study which is titled “The Pedal Stroke Force Magnitude and Force Direction Changes due to Power Crank Use Over Traditional Connected Cranks” The study will be undertaken during the traditional winter months of a cyclist training i.e. Base and Build Phases. Data will be collected for six months with monthly testing and analysis.

The diagram below shows a typical example of the direction and magnitude of force delivered during a pedal stroke.

The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the power cranks in altering the above diagram with respect to the negative forces which are applicable to the pedal stroke. We are interested in proving that the deviation from the mean of the  Vector Forces in the pedal stroke will be dramatically reduced thus providing the rider with a smoother more efficient pedal stroke. An initial measurement of the athletes pedal stroke will be taken at the beginning of the study 1st September 2012 and then on a four weekly basis until 1st February 2013.

Study Supported by:

This Study is supported by as manufacturers of PowerCranks. PowerCranks will be supplying PowerCranks to the study for use in the study. PowerCranks will have no other input into this study as it is independent and transparent.

This Study is supported by by providing use of a wattbike for the purpose of ramp testing riders.

This study would not be possible without the help and support of our supporters and would like to thank all of its supporters for their support and assistance during this 6 month study.

Rolling Update:

3rd September 2012

  • The study has 8 subjects committed to ride PowerCranks (PC’s) and 8 subjects committed to ride ConnectedCranks (CC’s) for 6 hours minimum per week for six months
  • All subjects will provide Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate data for the 6 hours per week
  • Subjects will be baseline tested before study and every month for six months there after.

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