Coaching & Athlete Services

Coaching & Athlete Services

  • Individual & Group Coaching
  • Personalised Training Progams
  • Orthopaedic Sports Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Injury Management
  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Personal Gym Instruction & Health Management
  • Body Fat Percentage Calculation (7 Site)
  • Athlete Fatigue Profiling
  • Athlete Heart Rate Training Zone Setup
  • Athlete Power Zone Setup
  • Lactate Profiling
  • Ramp Testing Facilities (in house or call out)
  • Lactate Testing
  • VO2 Testing
  • Bike Fitting Services
  • Nutrition
  • Athlete Heart Rate Training Zone Setup
  • Analysis of Heart Rate Files
  • Athlete Power Zone Setup

Testing & Services Description

Blood Lactate Profiling to Heart Rate and Power are completed in a single test. The rider will complete a ramp test on our mobile rig during which blood will be drawn from the athlete and analyzed for lactate. Heart rate and power output will be noted at various stages through the test. The information gathered will be used to describe the athletes training zones.

Lactate, Cholesterol & Glucose Testing Kit as uses by

Training in the correct zones is the most important aspect of training in order to gain the adaptions required from the athletes training prescription. We can offer a callout service where we call to you the athlete and setup at your location where we can perform the test.

Please email: for a booking or call to our Clinic in Galway.

This is one of the printouts the athletes receives as part of their training profile. Lactate & Training Zone Analysis Printout

Pedal Stroke Analysis & Bike Position Analysis

We us a Watt Bike along with video analysis software to determine correct bike position in conjunction with the perfect pedal stroke. The pedal stroke is a learned action and must be trained but without a perfect bike position one will always be playing catch-up in trying to develop the correct pedal technique.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.06.54Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 16.55.43

Above can be seen analysis tool for analyzing pedal technique. This can and is done in real time.


Dartfish Software in use perfecting a riders position. We also use a variety of other parameters to ensure correct input to output maximums for riders. We have the ability to cross reference Heart Rate, Power, Pedal Efficiency, Torque, Cadence, Lactate Levels etc to ensure you are produce the maximum output for you physiological input.

Fatigue Profiling to Heart Rate and Power is the next step once an athlete has his/her Lactate Profile tested.  Again the rider will complete a specific test on their bike which will be attached to our test rig or can be completed on our own Watt Bike. From the previously obtained lactate profile the test will be designed in such a way that fatigue levels will become apparent as the test progresses. The athlete will again receive a printout of their fatigue profile with advice on how to correct the fatigue and on how to alter their training prescription to prevent a reoccurrence. We are also available to discuss the results of any of our tests with the athletes coaches doctors or any member of the athletes team with written instruction from the athlete.


In 2011 we profiled one Pro Conti Rider who gained 32 watts on ftp during base/build part of his season by specifically training profiled weaknesses identified by us.

Please email: for a booking or call to our Clinic in Galway.

Body Fat Composition is available to the athlete as part of our services. We use a Harpenden Calipers which is the Gold Standard for measuring. When an athlete is above 10% we would generally use a 4 site measurement system to give Lean Body Mass and Total Body Fat

Gold Standard Harpendan Calipers as used by

When an athlete has a body fat level below 10% we then change to our 7 site measurement system as this is significantly more accurate and can allow for closer monitoring of body fat levels. Reducing fat a levels which are to fast will affect performance and can also induce muscle wasting. Athlete will be provided with a printout of the analysis.

Printout received by Athletes










Please email: for a booking.

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  4. Dermot Guinnane says:

    Hi there, just wondering if you do sports massage? Looking to treat ongoing neck and shoulder issues. Thanks.

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