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The Athlete Clinic is a Coaching & Athlete Services  business specializing in supporting excellence in the sporting arena. We create the athletes platform for success. We specialize in Cyclists, Swimmers, Runners and Triathletes. We also have a variety of ball sport athletes on our coaching programs. Our training programs, systems and coaching packages are open and available to all level of athletes from beginners to professionals.

Our mission statement is “To assist you the athlete in achieving your Goal”

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Services Offered,

  • Individual Coaching (Beginner to International Elite Level)
  • Group Coaching
  • Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management
  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Personal Gym Instruction & Health Management
  • Athlete Fatigue Profiling
  • Athlete Heart Rate Training Zone Profiling
  • Athlete Power Zone Profiling
  • Lactate Profiling
  • Ramp Testing Facilities (in house or call out)
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • Glucose Testing
  • Triglyceride Testing
  • Lactate Testing
  • Analysis of Heart Rate Files
  • Analysis of Power Meter Files
  • VO2 Testing
  • Body Mass Index Analysis (BMI)
  • Haematocrit Testing (Hgb & Hct)
  • Body Fat Percentage Calculation (3, 4 & 7 Site)
  • Power Meter Instruction and Training
  • Power Meter Service and Repair
  • Power Meter Calibration


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  • The Athlete Clinic,
  • Unit 2, Addley Park,
  • Liosban Industrial Estate,
  • Tuam Road,
  • Galway.

E-mail: theathleteclinic@gmail.com

Phone: +353 87 2453114

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