Your Cycling Home Trainer Handle


What’s your 2020 Cycling Home Training Handle?

Take the first letter of your first name then scroll down page to find the first letter of your surname.

A: Abandon J: Jump S: Switch
B: Bigring K: Knock T: Gallop
C: Cadence L: Lineout U: Undergeared
D: Ditch M: Road Rash V: Veledrome
E: Tifosi N: Sit-up W: Wabble
F: Feed Zone O: Overgeared X: Pump
G: Shelled P: Parcours Y: Glass Cranker
H: Handicap Q: Queen Stage Z: Scrubber
I: Interval R: On-the-Rivet  


Take the first letter of your surname and ad it to the first.

A: Mac Boxed In J: Mac Limit S: Pedalling Squares
B: O’Booties K: O’Musette T: O’Rollers
C: Her Broomwagon L: Out the Back U: Van Scratch
D: Von Clincher M: Van Gutter V: der Shelled
E: Mac Echelon N: Mac Rivet W: mac sticky bottle
F: Flamme Rouge O: Van Crosswind X: O’Tete de la Course
G: Grupetto P: Pan y Agua Y: der Sprocket
H: Der Handicap Q: her Road Rash Z: Von Small ring
I: Van Lantern Rouge R: der over the Bars

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