Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Edition Review.

The 3rd edition of the Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes is written by Monique Ryan a world renowned nutritionist. Monique Ryan MS RD CSSD LDN has over 30 years experience in the world of performance sports nutrition. She is also the founder of Sports Nutrition Designs a Chicago based business.

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes







Book Layout:

Part I

Your Daily Performance Diet

Optimal Nutrition for Training and Health

  1. Daily Hydration Essential. Drinking it In
  2. Energy Nutrients for Optimal Health and Performance: Build a Solid   Nutrition Base
  3. Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes: The Nuts Bolts and Spark Plugs of Your Diet

Part II

Your Training Diet

Fine Tuning your Diet for Top Performance

  1. Your Daily Training Diet: Eating for Optimal Recovery
  2. Food an Fluid Intake for Training and Competition: Timing is Everything
  3. Weight Loss, Muscle Building an Changing Body Composition: Boosting Your Strength to Weight Ratio
  4. Ergogenic Aids: Separating Fact and Fiction

Part III

Your Sports-Specific Nutritional Guidelines

Putting Your Sports Plan Into Action

  1. Nutrition for Triathletes (and other Multisport Events)
  2. Nutrition for Cycling (Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Track Cycling and Cyclocross)
  3. Nutrition for Distance Running
  4. Nutrition for Swimming

Part IV

Special Nutritional Considerations

Meeting and Managing Your Challenges

  1. The Athlete with Unique Nutritional Considerations
  2. Performance Boosts and Problem Solving with Nutrition
  3. Nutritional Strategies for Extreme Environments

Part I of the book introduces the reader to some valuable information. This is required to easily continue and understand the rest of the book. `the book contain quite a amount of information. A considerable amount of the information is quite detailed and does require a lot of attention during reading

The book tends to duplicate some of its information while discussing the various different endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. It will also answer almost any questions you may have regarding your diet and hydration throughout a full training cycle and racing period. The book also discusses subjects from “The Body’s Energy Systems” to “Nutrition to Beat Illness”.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.59.07

Sample meal plans are presented in the back of the book along with some case notes and a worksheet for calculating or should I say estimating one sweat loss post exercise/training. Also supplied is a spreadsheet of sports nutrition products. They are all detailed and compared making it easy for one to select which might be more beneficial for a particular event. Other chart and Spreadsheets include

  • Glossary of Vitamins and Minerals and there functions
  • Glycemic Index of Foods
  • Long Distance Race Nutrition Planner
  • Sprint and Olympic Race Nutrition Planner
  • Summary of Ergogenic Aids
  • Many More

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes will cover 99% of your questions and will be well used after reading for further reference.


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