Power Meter Service and Repair (Program PM 2013)

Its that time of year again. If you haven’t had your power meter serviced then send it on to us and we’ll do it. Power Meters are serviced in Galway. If you have an old Power Meter lying up in the shed or in the attic please wrap it up and send it on to us. We have so many talented young riders in ireland  who cannot afford the cost of a brand new Power Meter so please take the effort to send it on to us and we’ll endeavor to get it working and put it to good use on the new talent that our sport needs for a clean and honest future. Please support (Program PM 2013).

A Few Power Controls about to be repaired and serviced.

These are going to one of the best homes in the country at the moment and the DS for these riders should be proud of what he’s doing. So if you have an old Power Meter send it on and lets get up to speed with the rest of Europe and 80% of last years Tour de France riders.

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