Tour de France Stage 19 & SRM Telemetry Live

Modane Valfréjus to Alpe-d’Huez – 109.5 km
  • Km 26.5 – Col du Télégraphe (1 566 m) – 11.9 km climb to 7.1 % – Category 1

 Km 48.5 – Col du Galibier (2 556m) – 16.7 km climb to 6.8 % – Category H

profile Col du Galibier

 Km 109.5– Alpe d’Huez (1 850 m) – 13.8 km climb to 7.9 % – Category H

profile Alpe dHuez

You can view the telemetry for a number of riders live!

Chris Anker Sorensen’s SRM Data for Stage 18

  • Weight- 64kg
  • Functional Threshold Power- 400w
  • Total Time = 6:21
  • TSS = 383
  • KJ= 5979
  • Average Power =  261 Watts. Avg Normalized Power* =291 watts
  • Avg HR = 146bpm
  • Max HR = 173 bpm
  • Mean Maximal 1-minute power = 528w
  • Mean Max 5-minute power = 373w
  • Mean Maximal 20-minute power = 348w
  • Avg Cadence = 85 rpm
  • Avg Speed = 19.5 mph

Click here:                    to view Chris’s full SRM Telemetry from yesterday’s monster stage.

According to Allen Lim yesterday’s stage over the Galibier, Angel and the Col d’Izoard was the hardest stage in 3 year at the Tour de France (tdf). If we just take the basics out of  Chris’s Power File the Training Strees Score (TSS) alone is higher than Johan Van Summeron’s TSS for the  magnificent win he had at this year’s 2011 Paris Roubaix. Van Summeron’s TSS was 367 and he took nearly a week recovery after the race and in his next race DNF’d because he was still suffering fatigue over a week after Roubaix. To top all of this off the rider today have to complete stage 19 which consists of  the Col du Télégraphe (1 566 m),Col du Galibier (2 556m) this is from the other side today which is steeper and harder than yesterdays stage and then the mighty Alpe d’Huez (1 850 m).

Watching most of the riders yesterday very few were rehydrating and stocking up on calories mainly due to the fact that they were on their limits and when the body is running at full speed it’s very hard to get food chewed and into the stomach when the riders are close to hyperventilating. Most of the calories consumed yesterday would have been from the likes of gels and liquid calories which will upset some riders stomachs and we might see some weaker riders today because of it.

As was yesterdays stage tactical issues will play out on the earlier slopes but when the riders reach Alp d’Huez if will be every rider for himself. Energy consumption again along with food and drink is the key to bein the strongest in the final.

Climbing these monster ascents is measured in Velocita Ascensionale Mediaand (VAM) meaning Average Climbing Speed. It is measured in meters/hour VAM is measured in metres an hour. Calculating you VAM is done by getting the altitude difference ie :

VAM = (Start Altitude -Finish Altitude X 60minutes) / The time it took to climb

Top class pro’s need a VAM of 1650 and 1800m/h to be Top GC contenders .  Pantani, when climbing Alpe D’Huez in 37 minutes produced a VAM of 1744, one of the highest of all time on Alpe D’Huez. One of the fastest ever VAM’s recorded was by Santiago Perez when he went up Puerto de Navacerrada in the 2004 Vuelta at 2067 m/h. On his way up the 6.5km climb he left the polluted Roberto Heras in flames on the side of the road.


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