Tour de France Stage 4

Stage 4 saw the riders travel from Lorient to Mur-de-Bretagne covering a total distance of 172km. The weather was not pleasant with rain for most of the stage , The final assault on the Mur was conducted in brighter conditions thought with Cadel Evans taking the stage from Contador and Vino. The riders today would have burned quite similar amount of calories as in stage 1 with power output of similar nature. The final kick up the Mur would have the most demanding on the riders throughout the whole stage. Percentages of up to 10% with an average of 8% for the last 2km would demand good power to weight ratios and we see this with the likes of Gilbert not taking the stage but the likes of Contador and Evans sprinting for the final. Had the climb been slightly longer we would have seen the likes of Vino, Hushovd and Gilbert further back and some more prominent climbers with there 7 w/kg numbers.

So the riders in the peleton would have used 3500 cals plus their daily 2500 and the riders who made to the breakaway would have used slightly more and be substantially more fatigued by the end of the day. Average powers for the day would range in the 230 -280 watts with the final ascent of the Mur generating 6 – 6.5 w/kg for the last 2km

Typical Rider in todays stage generated these numbers

  • TSS score 238
  • Max 1 – minute power 608 watts
  • Max 5 – minute power 481 watts
  • Max 20 – minute power 364 watts
  • Avg Normalized power 308

For the first 3 hrs of the stage the riders normalized power was 274 but for the last 13 minutes it was 468 watts  yielding a 6.3 w/kg ratio. It’s a know fact that as the riders move from 50km – 30km – 20km and then the final 10km that the speeds do ramp up particularly when the sprinters are around. This is due to riders trying to constantly stay at the front of the peleton out of trouble, This sort of effort show’s what pro’s need tobe able to deliver after 3 hrs on the bike and a 3 previous stages in their legs. cumulative fatigue will start to build from here on in the riders.

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