Train Low Sleep High……The Hypoxic Way

Using the “live-high+train-low” is a beneficial way to boost human performance in the lead up to ones A priority Race. The strategy should be planned out in advance and should be structured to achieve the most from the time at “live-high”. This is because the human body in time will adapt to the altitude and the “live-high”will be of less benefit to the athlete. This suggests that it is more beneficial to target Goals in a structured fashion. Following the execution of the goal a rest period should be prescribed to allow the physiological systems return to pre “live-high” levels.

The bulk of structured and HIIT training should be completed prior to the Hypoxic conditioning. We recommend 9 weeks of conditioning in the “live-high+train-low” system structured as follows,

Hypoxic 9 week pre-race schedule

Hypoxic 9 week pre-race schedule

Results should be evident in 3-4 weeks with the above schedule and should last for 2 -3 weeks if the  “live-high” is discontinued. If the system is repeated and modified levels can be maintained fairly high throughout the year although the ultimate peak for ones Gaol will not be as high. When going to altitude above 13,000ft in the “live-high” phase it has been discussed that athletes start to loss muscle mass and become weakened. Care should also be taken not to go to high in altitude or to low in the Oxygen Saturation Percentage as the Graph below shows,Levels of Impairment for Oxy. Saturation Percentage Levels

Levels of Impairment for Oxy. Saturation Percentage Levels

Aerobic Capacity and Endurance Performance in cyclist can be improved as shown in this study here and also hypoxic training improves TT Performance and Power Output as can be seen from this study here.

We are available for consultation on your “live-high+train-low” system and we can be contacts here

Please be advised that these types of systems for training can be dangerous and each and every athlete is individual in his or her adaptions and physiological reactions to the “live-high+train-low”. We strongly advise that you undertake these systems with guidance from a professional.

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