Effect of L-Carnitine Supplementation on Muscle and Blood Carnitine Content and Lactate Accumulation During High Intesity Sprint Cycling

This study examined the effects of 14 days of L-carnitine supplementation on muscle and blood carnitine fractions, and muscle and blood lactate concentrations, during high-intensity sprint cycling exercise. Eight subjects performed three experimental trials: control I (CON I, Day 0), control II (CON II, Day 14), and L-carnitine (L-CN, Day 28). Each trial consisted of a 4-min ride at 90% V02max, followed by a rest period of 20 min, and then five repeated l-min rides at 115% V02max (2 min rest between each). Following CON II, a11 subjects began dietary supplementation of L-carnitine for a period of 14 days (4 g/day). Plasma total acid soluble and free carnitine concentrations were significantly higher (p < .05) at all time points following supplementation. L-carnitine supplementation had no significant effect on muscle carnitine content and thus could not alter lactate accumulation during exercise

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