Testing & Training Data Mistakes

I have been going over quite a number of testing data and power meter data from riders over the last number of months and one thing is standing out. Some of the rigs used by the testing facilities can be up to 5% of on calibration (ergo’s or watt or arm bike). This is what the riders are doing their testing on and then they get their personal data which they use for prescribing train programs. Next they hop onto their bike and head down the road and straight into a 12 week or 30 week prescription with possibly another test every 6 – 8 weeks. The power meter that they have on their bike can be 5% of calibration zero and generally is with some we’ve had in for calibration being 15 – 20% out.

WWW.SEEng.ie Lactate & Training Zone Analysis Printout

WWW.SEEng.ie Lactate & Training Zone Analysis Printout

Here’s the important bit. Lets take the best case scenario on the calibration on the power meter say 5%. If your power meter is +5% and the rig you got your test done on is +5% then your training is out 10%. If you have a threshold of 300 watts that means you will be training 30 watts off what you should be. This can be either over training or under training depending on what the values are.

At www.seeng.ie we use specific testing protocol and systems so that this doesn’t happen. Goto our site www.seeng.ie and click on Coaching & Athlete Services or Contact us directly HERE Be smart about your training and get that edge.

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