Ramp Testing (LT + Hr + Pwr), Pedal Stroke Efficiency Analysis & Body Fat Analysis

Measuring your Improvements

What is a “Measurable outcome” pertaining to Athletes? It is when you pre-measure a parameter be it Lactate Levels at a particular Power Output or Heart Rate or Pace. Then you complete a training prescription and post-measure again. The difference between the pre-measure and the post-measure is your measurable outcome. The measuring needs to be consistent and mirrored as to not have an effect on the results for comparison.

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At Sports & Exercise Engineering we bring these measurable outcome practices to the athlete be the athlete an Elite or Beginner. We standardize and regulate our testing so as to eliminate influenced results. This ensures a true and transparent result from testing and a true value of your positive or negative outcome. Once you have your results you can evaluate the effectiveness of your Training Prescription. We in house can advise on your prescription or one can discuss with your own coach.


Sports & Exercise Engineering use the most up to date tools and practices to measure that athletes can avail of a standardize protocol with accurate results each and every time.

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We can’t emphasis enough that the results obtained from training in your correctly tested zones, your improved pedal stroke efficiency from analysis and technique correction along with weight reduction in a correct manor can bring to your results.

You can contact us Here for an appointment or even to discuss your options regarding  what our Team can do to improve your performance. Our Clinic is based just 2mins from the Galway end of the M6.

About The Athlete Clinic

Coaching & Athlete Services including, Coaching, Fitness & Physiological Testing, Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management, Strength & Conditioning, Athlete & Group Development Programs, Research & Development Programs
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