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Weight Loss Programs

“Welcome to The Athlete Clinic weight loss programs where the losers are the winners!”

Left or Right the choice is yours!

Left or Right the choice is yours!

At The Athlete Clinic we have been managing high performance athletes for 30 years. We have developed Weight Loss Programs for our athletes which we have developed and adapted for use with the everyday person looking to manage their weight and body composition in a professional and permanent fashion. If you are interested in loosing weight permanently and reshaping your body we have the program for you. Once you adhere to our programs you will see weight loss and body reshaping or we’ll refund your money. Each and every one of our programs are tailored to the individual and not a copy and paste program. Our programs are based on the latest scientific research and tried and tested with our athletes over the years. We have taken the complication out and designed our leading Weight Loss Program for you. We design, develop and manage the program to your lifestyle.

Included in your program will be the following:

  • First Consultation is FREE
  • Monthly Payment for a 4 week program
  • FREE Phone/Tablet App with all your Weight Loss Program details
  • 24 hour Access to your program online
  • Worldwide access to your Weight Loss Program
  • Detailed daily email with your Personal Weight Loss Program
  • Daily Personal Weight Loss Program tracking
  • Monthly 30 minute consultation at our clinic in Galway
  • Monthly or Weekly Weight In
  • Daily Training Log with Workout descriptions
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Daily Calorie Intake
  • Fitness Assessments (Optional)
  • Monthly Body Fat % Assessment (Optional)
  • General Aerobic Fitness Testing (Optional)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (Optional)
  • Injury Management (Optional)
  • Strength & Conditioning (Optional)
"Our 'Weight' is the way to weight loss & that perfect body for you!"

“Our ‘Weight’ is the way to weight loss & that perfect body for you!”














Email us @ theathleteclinic@gmail.com or Call us on +353 87 2453114 to arrange your appointment and that “Head Start” 


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