Tour de France Stage 5

Stage 5 brings the riders from Carhaix – Cap Fréhel with a total distance of 158km. Being a flat and relatively short stage the riders will be looking for easy riding today after yesterdays wet and miserable conditions. We will undoubtably see a group of 4 – 8 riders going up the road who’s gap will be kept down due to the short nature of the stage.

I was not expecting such a dangerous stage and a stage filled with nervousness as was today. Numerous high-speed crashes due to riders trying to consistently pushing to the front. With the speeds so high and the possibility of cross winds and a very strong tailwind  the Team leaders were always trying to stay at the from to prevent them getting either caught in a crash or a spilt in the peleton.

Power numbers for  a typical rider today were

    • TSS score 213
    • Max 1 – minute power 623 watts
    • Max 5 – minute power 459 watts
    • Max 20 – minute power 339 watts
    • Avg Normalized power 320

The Average Speed for todays stage was 43.84kph the 623 watts for his 1 – minute max was generated after 4hrs and 10 minutes on the bike. The rider also averaged 415 watts for the last 10km obviously holding position in the front of the peleton for his team leader.

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